“We can realign our city
government with the views of the people.”

Why I’m Running

Every day I spend in Burlington, I’m thankful that I can call this city my home.

There’s an incredible vitality here that’s unlike so many other places. People talk to each other and care about the present and future of their community.
 They spend time outside enjoying the natural beauty and eclectic economy. They work to make this place and the whole world a more just and progressive place to live, building off of a history of innovative choices made for the betterment of all folks in this community. They see Burlington the way I do – it’s a place that fosters the kind of forward-thinking attitude that can combat the pervasive issues of the day and of the future.

Across the country, we have seen rising economic inequality come from dwindling opportunity and the consolidation of capital in the hands of the most affluent. Today in Burlington, the same is true and wealth inequality is shaping the future of our city. Affordable housing is scarce, the minimum wage is not a livable wage, and the current administration - including my opponent - support those at the top while working class folks and renters are left questioning whether Burlington will be able to be their home in the near future. In recent years, city government has moved away from what makes this city the place I love, moving away from the people’s vision of progress.

Burlington can be a city where everyone can find an affordable home, make a decent wage in a fulfilling job, and still have the energy to play a meaningful role in our community regardless of their background or identity. It can be the city that empowers individuals to make a difference, leading the way in the pursuit of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

That’s why I am running for City Council in Ward 5. We can realign our city government with the views of the people, making sure the council is always for the people of this city and for those that will live here in the years to come. Together, we can make innovative decisions and we can tackle the issues of the day.

My Background

The Right Experience. A Fresh Perspective. Fighting for YOU!

  • Former City Employee with direct knowledge of city governance and the economic health of Downtown Burlington and its small business community.
  • Background in Community Development & planning, specifically community visioning and accessibls strategic communication.
  • Five Year Renter in Burlington with first hand knowledge of the rising price of housing in our city and neighborhood.